Soul Farm

Soul Farm

Soul Farm is 3.5-acre no-dig market farm growing seasonal vegetables in the Falmouth area of Cornwall.

Soul Farm is a food justice-oriented, ecologically supportive, not-for-profit membership organisation run by volunteers and paid growers. We cultivate vegetables using no dig methods. At every step, we’re thinking about how we organise around making good food accessible to all and around restoring local people’s relationships with the land.

The name “Soul Farm” first came from thinking about Caribbean soul food: nourishing, comforting and evocative. Soul food carries memory.

As we work with the living planet, we see that soil – black, crumbly, humusy, complex and full of energy – has soul.

We wanted to name “soul” as a guiding principle – a reminder that we grow with life, feelings and action. The soul is linked to connection and interbeing. It’s the part of us that remembers that life requires that we respect all living beings. We’re growing a business that’s truly human.

TFF kept us eating fresh, delicious, local veg throughout the season. The variety was fantastic and if you haven’t tasted their locally grown, pesticide free Salad mix I would highly recommend doing so!

— Bryony - CSA Member

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